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At SUMLOOKUP our primary objective is to design, develop and implement technology and operational improvement strategies. Specialising in a wide range of industries, we work toward improving business processes to reduce unnecessary management and minimise risk.

Anaplan Specialists

Bringing together extensive experience in Anaplan Enterprise Performance Management implementation projects in both the public and private sector.

End to End Implementation

Expert Australian IT Consulting team with end to end design and delivery expertise focused on your business needs.

Anaplan Support and Model Upgrades

Is you current model up to date with your new business processes? We have an on-demand support model and new feature build team you can access for any of your Anaplan needs.


As business dynamics accelerate, planning needs to evolve to keep up with changing demands. Point solutions and data scattered across disjointed systems and sources can form an incomplete, outdated picture and ultimately lead to sub-optimal decisions.

Anaplan Services

We utilise years of Tier 1 Consulting experience to bring a tailored approach to delivering complex solutions. Our expertise building Anaplan Applications for the Finance and HR/Workforce Planning functions have helped businesses automate and optimise internal processes, leaving you more time to focus on your job.

We have a flexible engagement model that can suit the needs of your implementation that ranges from Delivery to Support models dependent on your requirements.

Strategy and Architecture

Analyse your current architecture and provide consulting services to advise on how Anaplan will benefit your enterprise

We provide the following services:

• Business Architecture
• Data Architecture and Strategy for Anaplan

Systems Integration

Anaplan has the capability to integrate with existing systems, making it easier to seamlessly use Anaplan within your existing applications

SUMLOOKUP ensures seamless integration with your existing source and data visualisation systems such as Tableau and PowerBI.

Workforce Planning

Extensive Workforce Planning model expertise that is tailored to your specific needs, including:

• Rostering and Scheduling
• Supply and Demand planning
• Continuous Forecasting and Scenario Planning
• Compensation Modelling

Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A)

Our Architects and Model Builders have worked on enterprise customer accounts focused on:

• Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting
• Specialty Finance Planning
• Operational Planning
• Dashboarding and a clean UX for daily use

Anaplan Support and Model Upgrades

Is your current model meeting your updated business processes?

We have a team of dedicated members that can provide on demand support to your existing model, or a project team that can assist with the design and implementation of your new tools

Our Clients


Our goal is to help customers on the journey to connected planning by providing a tool that allows for a single source of truth and is customisable to your needs. Anaplan is a powerful tool that can be implemented across varying business functions and integrate with existing systems using Anaplan Connect and other 3rd party integration tools.

Rostering and Scheduling Planning, Budgeting, and Forecasting Supply and Demand Workforce Planning Patient Based Sales Forecasting
  • An automated rostering solution to manage all employee's across all departments of the business
  • Manage Fatigue based on awards and regulations
  • Link to time and attendance data to compare planned rosters against actual sign in and sign out data
  • Identify discrepancies between actual and planned data using flags
  • Manage leave balances and leave requests
  • Publish rosters that can be viewed by employee's using the Anaplan mobile app
  • Driver based planning to forecast Revenue, Capex, Opex, Personnel
  • Top down and bottom up planning
  • Balance sheet, cash flow and P&L reporting
  • Role based access
  • Scenario Analysis, what-if planning, and version comparison
  • Top down demand to facilitate the high level plan for an event
  • Allocation of activities to the high level plan
  • Ability to create templates to form the basis of a plan (a demand profile)
  • Bottom up Supply planning to allocate staff to activites
  • Ability to apply costing to the supply/ personnel
  • Ability to set fatigue rules
  • Ability to create scenarios against a base case plan
  • The patient based sales forecasting model breaks down sales planning by the following steps
  • Market Segmentation - Segment the patient pool per disease
  • Convert patient pool to volume per product
  • Identify market share between company and competitor products
  • Convert volume to sales
  • Globally roll out to different geographies, allow data to be rolled up by department, location and country.


With extensive experience in enterprise performance management implementation projects in both the public and private sector, we bring a highly skilled team of Anaplan certified specialists with unmatched end-to-end delivery capabilities.

Nick Cimini


Edmund Chan

Project Specialist

Jason Le

Anaplan Developer

Pon Yuntawai

DevOps Engineer

Jae Nam

Software Engineer


Integrations Made Simple.

Seamlessly collaborate, integrate and automate your business processes with
unmatched transparency with our proprietary Cloud Orchestrator.

See Your Custom Integrations in Action
Experience high visibility as Lighthouse brings all your tailored integrations together seamlessly.

Advanced Error Tracking and Monitoring
Stay ahead of the game with Lighthouse’s cutting-edge error tracking and monitoring capabilities.

Take Control, On Demand
Empower your business users with Lighthouse, giving them the power to run integrations whenever needed.

No More Guesswork
With Lighthouse’s archiving feature, you’ll never be left in the dark. See exactly what data is loaded into Anaplan.

Flexibility Redefined, Tailored to You
Lighthouse delivers a flexible and bespoke solution, custom- made from start to finish.

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